FTP, which is short for File Transfer Protocol, represents the most popular means for sending content to a web hosting account. With an FTP client app that is installed on your desktop or laptop PC, you can connect to your hosting server and copy all the website files that you need with a couple of mouse clicks. This is done via an intuitive GUI and it is as easy as dragging and dropping the abovementioned files. The advantage of using File Transfer Protocol is that you’re able to set up different accounts, each with a different level of access to your server space, so if you have to grant someone access, for example – a web designer, they’ll be able to access only one specific directory and will not be able to see the remaining web content or any other info, including private details. Three things are compulsory in order to be able to set up an FTP connection – a hostname, which is usually an IP or a domain name, a username and a password.

FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Servers

You will be able to connect to your semi-dedicated server account via FTP regardless of the semi-dedicated package that you have picked during the order process, since the FTP access is one of the default features that you’ll get. All our packages come with an unlimited FTP account quota, so you will be able to set up as many accounts as you need from the Hepsia Control Panel with which you’ll be able to administer your web content as well. All the accounts will be listed alphabetically in the Control Panel and in case you do not require a certain account any longer, you can just delete it and block persons who have used it before from connecting to it again. This functionality is especially useful if you use the services of a designer or in case an IT professional departs the company and you do not want them to connect to the website files anymore. An extensive Help database that comprises how-to videos will help you manage your FTP accounts if you don’t have any previous experience.

FTP Accounts in VPS Servers

With a VPS server from our company, you’ll be provided with the possibility to create unlimited FTP accounts to access your web content. This is valid for all VPS configurations, irrespective of the Control Panel that you’ve chosen during the registration process – Hepsia, DirectAdmin or cPanel. Based on your needs, you can have a different FTP account for every website or a number of FTP accounts with access to a certain folder – if you’d like to permit several individuals to be able to access that folder with their very own set of log-in details. Even if you’ve never had a website hosting account before or if you’ve got experience only with a shared one, you won’t have any problems creating, deleting or editing any FTP account on your server, as everything is done through an easy-to-navigate web interface and takes only a couple of clicks.