FrontPage Extensions are special system files, which are required for sites designed with Microsoft FrontPage so as to work appropriately on a web server. Without these files, the websites will still work, however some capabilities will be unavailable, which will instantly affect the user experience of your visitors. When FrontPage Extensions are present on the website hosting server, you can also upload the website that you have created using your PC directly and without any added software like an FTP program. You'll only need to type in the FTP sign in information for your web host account and FrontPage will do all the rest, uploading or updating your files. Considering how easy it is to take advantage of FrontPage, you can start your web presence very quickly even in case you have never made a website before.

FrontPage Extensions in Semi-dedicated Servers

FrontPage Extensions are available with all the semi-dedicated server accounts that we provide and we do not plan to remove this characteristic from our packages, therefore you will not be forced to change companies or the website design application which you employ as you need to do with lots of providers these days. It's our belief that years of work should not be wasted, so in case you move a website made with FrontPage here, it will function properly and you will be able to host it on our cloud platform in the future. You can activate the feature with just a couple of clicks in your account - sign in to your Hepsia Control Panel, visit the Hosted Domains section, click the Edit button for a specific domain/subdomain, then click on the FrontPage Extensions option that you will notice and you're all set. Our system will do the rest, which means that you can proceed and upload your world wide web content without the need to do anything else manually. If you wish to disable the feature, you should follow the same steps.